My First Half Term


My first term at college was good because I have more free time than if I was at school, but in a way the work is harder because the deadlines for the work are strict. At college I feel free to move around and do what I want outside of lessons, whereas at school I felt a bit enclosed and shut off.

Through my first project at college I was partnered with two other students who I instantly got on with and soon after I became friends with everyone in the class. Enrolment and induction were good because I was treated nicely and felt like I was at the right college for me. Also, I have got to know the staff well.

The project we worked on this term was creating a board game in groups of 4 or 5. This was a positive experience as I got on well with my group and  this helped  us to trust each other and work as a team. It was also a test of whether we could get work done in a set time frame which would help us get used to our assignments later in the term.

My role at the start was the same as everyone else’s which was to pitch ideas for the game, later I had to help build it. One thing that slowed the process down was the fact that some members of our team weren’t contributing which meant that the three of us had to up our game a bit.

Overall I think the project went quite well and there isn’t a lot of things that I would change if I did it again, although I would try to give the students who weren’t contributing a bit of a nudge. But considering that we didn’t win anything I was happy with the game and I enjoyed myself whilst working on it.


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