My First Half Term – Video Review


The first half term of college was great, especially compared to school. The relaxed timetable, mixed with the work being enjoyable made for an incredible first term. The freedom and independence given to us as college students is great. Secondary school would always limit us to school grounds, not giving us much independence.

Induction to our course was effective at making us interact with each other, and made us get over awkward social boundaries. We were asked to create a board game, with a deadline of three weeks. We were put into groups of five or six and assigned different roles to each person in the group. I personally managed the majority of the graphical side to the game. I also contributed to the creation of the card system, the origin of the game, the rules, and any other jobs that people needed help with. Overall, the induction was effective and entertaining and settled us into the routine of completing coursework and handing it in on time.

A project we’re currently working on is a video review of a game. We need to individually produce a 7 minute video review for one of three games: Wolfenstein, Doom or Portal. The review must contain the key mechanics behind the game, the level design, graphic/sound design, and the HUD (Heads Up Display). It should turn out to be an good project as it allows us to use our creativity to produce an entertaining and informative video review and edit it ourselves.

So far, the video has come out well. The intro is a parody of a professional review channels intro and the script is looking good. It is detailed in all the right areas but concise in other areas. It describes, explains and evaluates the game properly. I’ve chosen to review Portal because I’ve played through the Portal and Portal 2 games on Steam (a community for online gamers).

I could be doing a lot of things differently. For starters, I could have selected an entirely different game with a different style, and I could have edited my entire script and video to accommodate the change in game. Or I could have changed up the editing style on the video, or maybe provided more detail in certain areas of the review. However, I personally believe the route I’ve taken so far has been the most efficient use of my time, and the most effective in terms of producing results.

One thing I may change if I did the project again would probably be invest more time early into the planning of the video/script. This would’ve resulted in a better end product, and would result in less thinking and more working on the video, which would be easier.


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