My First Half Term – Games Expo


During my time at Halesowen College I have concluded that being at college is a better experience than being at secondary school because I have come here to pursue a career in IT. All of the lessons I do are IT based whilst in secondary school I had to do other lessons like mathematics, English and science.

Enrolment at the college was simple and easy to understand, staff took you through it, told you where you needed to be and what was needed from you. The induction provided by the college was informative and showed a clear representation of what the course I would be enrolling on was about.

A project that I have been a part of during my time at this college was the “Games Expo” which was a small exhibition in the college where teams of four or five had to create a board game. It had to be made with ideas that we thought up ourselves. During this project I helped balance the statistics of each of the characters that were playable in our board game and I created the template that our board was made from. I think the player balancing during the creation of the board game was handled very well. Every character felt like it had its own unique playing style which meant that the characters would battle and it felt fair. I felt that the front and back cover of the game was not very good, it didn’t really fit in with the theme of the game.The front cover was of a bunch of soldiers holding assault rifles while our game was about medieval warriors, rogues and archers.

If we started the project again we could have changed the front cover to make it more like the game we actually created. Also, we could have made one of the characters have better health as his attack and range were terrible. Other than that I would not change anything about the game we created, or the way we presented it.


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