My First Half Term – Board Game Project


My first half term was drastically different to what it was like at school. When I was at school, I was handed a bunch of homework to do and it was overwhelming. I didn’t have the opportunity to do the work that I wanted to do and had to do more uninteresting work like English and maths. Now I’m at college all of the work is interesting and I feel capable of doing it. Sometimes I complete the work too fast and it leaves me with nothing to do.

Enrolment scared me because I didn’t know if I was going to be turned down but then I started college. Induction was fun and I made friends, much quicker than at secondary school. I think it’s because most of the people that are at college are here because they want to be here. And not because they have to be. They got to choose what they want to do and not be forced to do lessons like English.

Our first project was to make a board game that was interesting and different. We originally had a Rome vs Macedon sort of game but due to time constraints we changed it to a World War 2 game. My role was to make the rule book and the cards that we were to use as units. Our project didn’t go that went well but I think our original concept was unique. I hadn’t heard of anything like it and if we had enough time we would of completed it.

It felt like most of my team did not do much and that only two of us out of the five were actually working. This caused slow progression in making the game. If we had worked as a team then we could have finished the board in time. If I did the project again I would change the members in my group to people that would work hard and get the game finished.


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