My First Half Term – Games Expo


In the first half of the term we were put in to groups so that we could plan and make a board game based on a theme. First we had to plan the board game so we began with brainstorming ideas. We decided on a football theme and to make a card game similar to Match Attax.

My role was to help make the cards and the stadium. We used cardboard to make the stadium and we printed out the stadium audience to stick on. We made the cards using Photoshop; they had the player face and ratings on the top half of the card and on the bottom half we had the questions you needed to answer to win that player. The players were categorised into bronze, silver and gold. The bronze were weaker players, silver were good and gold were amazing. The difficulty of the questions depended on what colour the card was and if you answered that question right then you win the player but if not then the opponent gets the opportunity to win.

My team won the competition but I did the project again I would change a lot because our game could’ve been made and executed much better. Our stadium wasn’t finished because we couldn’t find a working colour printer and the cards were not laminated. I would have got the cards finished and laminated first so they looked really professional. I would then have done the stadium making the audience and football pitch so it was out the way, we could then focus on the rules of the game and how to play.

A member of a games company came in to review the games featured in the Expo. They were looking for students with potential who had good ideas and concepts for games. There were three categories that could be won: best game concept, best game design and best written communication. We won the best game concept. When we won, we got our picture taken with a certificate and we are going to have it displayed in the IT block. There were many people at the game expo and a variety of different games from cars to puzzle to strategies. We went around and played other people games and we had to review them. I enjoyed the different types and genres of the games and found them enjoyable to play.


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