My First Half Term – Board Game


In the first half term at college we were given the project of making a board game. As we didn’t know anyone we were put into groups by the lecturer. She told us to stand in different parts of the room until we had five group members. We didn’t know each other but we eventually got to be good friends. My group came up with the idea to make a game about football.

It was hard to make the game as players needed editing and printing and as some of the computers and printers weren’t working we had to do it at home or wait for them to get fixed which took up a lot of time. My role in the project was picking the players, printing them out and working on the stadium. Making the game took a long time but we had fun making it.

Then we entered the game expo where we had to show people our game and let them play it. A games company come around at the end and had to choose three games that they thought were the best. A man came to our game and we explained all the rules and showed him how to play. He went to look at the other games and when he walked back up to the top of the room he said ‘the best game concept goes to Footy Attack’ which was our game. We won a trophy and we got a certificate and we had our picture taken.

As we won I would change anything about the game, I liked working with the other people and I became friends with them. I liked doing this for the first part of the term as we all got to know each other and eased us into college.


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