Hello my name is Tanzil, I am 16 years old from Birmingham. I am part of a family of five, I have a brother and a sister. I do GCSE resit English and Level 3 IT Software and Games Development. I chose this course so that I can become a programmer and code my own version of Facebook and become successful.

We have only done an induction so far so I don’t have a favourite unit. I want to go on to university to study computer science and get a degree. At school I got C’s in Maths, Science and English Literature but unfortunately I got a D in English Language which was important so now I am now resitting it.

I play Xbox in my spare time and work on my assignments. My favourite game is Grand Theft Auto, which I play with my best friend Dan. We also play FIFA 16 and Forza Motorsports. I like to watch and play football too, my favourite team is Manchester United and my favourite player is Marcus Rashford.

I enjoy using Tumblr and I make memes, a meme is a picture with funny caption. I love cats and dogs however I’m a bit allergic to cats. My dad and I love to do DIY work around the house on Sunday, recently we fixed my car up ready for when I start driving lessons this month. I love cars and dream of owning a Honda NSX one day.


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