Hey, I’m Calvin. I am studying Computer Science with Game and Software Development at Halesowen College. Going to college has been interesting so far; I’ve made friends, the teachers seem nice, and there are lots of people. I prefer the hardware side of computing because I find the practical element more interesting.

I’m not entirely sure about what I want to do when I leave college, university is very expensive and tuition can be up to £9000 a year. Due to this, I do not want to go to university if it will give me financial worries. I’m most likely going to get a job or an apprenticeship.

I love using Tumblr, it is the best website out there. Other things I enjoy doing in my spare time involve hanging out with my friends who are part of the subculture for ‘goths’ and ‘emos’. A goth is someone that wears black and enjoys heavy metal. An emo is someone who wears black with hints of colour and likely listens to screamo rock or pop punk. I also enjoy exploring computers. My favourite drink is lemonade, I LOVE LEMONADE!

So what’s your home like? Do you like memes? Why don’t you write a post telling me about yourself??


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