Hello, my name is Jack. I am studying IT software and games development. I chose this course because I want to be a games developer when I am older and I am hoping to go to university after my two years at college. My favourite unit of the course is the computer games design because it is what I am most interested in. When I finish college I want to go to university and study computer games development.

In my own time I love to play video games such as Over Watch, Rainbow Six Siege and Evolve. I love to watch anime series such as Sailor Moon and RWBY; I can’t wait for the fourth season of RWBY. The transition from secondary school to college was very big because I’ve been in school for most of my life and I have become accustomed to it. College is so different and more laid back. Everyone is much friendlier here because they want to be here not because they have to be.

I live in a small town that is quite far away from college. I get the college coach and my stop is the very first. So I have to get up much earlier than I did when I went to school. But it also means I’m the last one off the coach. When I get home I am usually on my own before my parents get in so I go upstairs and play video games with my friends.


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