Hi I’m Adam. I’m currently studying a BTEC in IT and Game Design at Halesowen College. Before this I studied A level Computer Science, Maths and Geography but I didn’t do well in my exams as I struggle with answering all the questions in the time given so doing a BTEC course which is mostly coursework will probably be better for me. After this course I would like to go to university and get a job in computer software development.

I enjoy computer programming as I like problem solving. In my spare time I like to go out with friends often going into Birmingham. I also play a lot of games, mostly strategy and RPG games as I’m not a fan of games like Call of Duty and Fifa.

I play badminton although not competitively or as part of a club, just with a group of friends to keep us active. I’m not a huge fan of sports but tennis and badminton are fun to play from time to time.

I play piano although I haven’t done any grades past grade one practical as I prefer to play songs I enjoy rather than set pieces, however I do plan to do some grades eventually. At the moment I’ve been playing a lot of pieces by a composer called Ludivico Einaudi in an attempt to get more used to playing different rhythms in each hand as I started out playing keyboard where I mostly used chords. I like to listen to rock music such as AC/DC and Queen but I do enjoy songs from many genres of music.

I watch a fair few TV shows my favourite being Game of Thrones and Sherlock although I have been getting into shows like Eden on channel 4 and Hunted. I’ve been reading through the Game of Thrones books recently but beforehand I read the Dan Brown series with the exception of Inferno which I haven’t got around to yet.


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