Hello my name is Ryan, I’m currently studying a level 3 BTEC in IT and Computing (Software and Games Development) at Halesowen College. I’m 17 and also working at ASDA, it’s fun and I love the people but I come across quite a few weird customers, one of which asked for my phone number. I haven’t worked there long and have already came across two guys literally fist fighting over the last pork pie, what they didn’t notice is that I had a trolley full of them ready to be stacked up on the shelf. The course I’m on is interesting, or it is to me at least, whenever I play a game and I see new mechanics I like to break that mechanic down and see exactly how it’s executed and each line of code it would take to create. My favourite games always have a good story line, if the story is short or not in depth I’m not interested.

If I’m not at home watching YouTube, playing games, at work or at college I’m probably out the house embarrassing my friends, making my best friend Shannon seem silly in front of people who have never met her is the best thing to me. Sitting down and just listening to music is also something I find myself doing quite a lot. I’ll listen to just about any kind of music, I’ll go from listening to Disturbed and Avenged Sevenfold to Sia, Jess Glynn and Jason Derulo.

When I finish college I’d like to get into the games development industry, hopefully games design. Being a part of making a game that people love is a dream I’ve had since I played Call of Duty World at War. I remember when I finally finished the campaign to that game and unlocked zombies late at night and it scared the life out of me. I really enjoy video game theory, my favourite lessons are always the ones where we do no work and just listen to the lecturer talk about topics and all I have to do is take notes. In fact I think I enjoy the theory more than the actual games themselves.


One thought on “057001”

  1. I really like your enthusiasm in your post and that you’ve written with interesting details like the people fighting over the pork pie! I found it particularly humorous.


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