Hello my name is Ismail and I am 17 years old. I currently go to Halesowen College and I am doing Level 3 ICT. I chose this course because I am interested in ICT and I want to carry on doing it at university; either computer science  or games development. Hopefully I will get a job that links with ICT.

In my own time I like to go out with friends to the cinema, park etc. I also like to watch TV or YouTube (comedy). I own an Xbox One where sometimes I play games like shooter, RPG and adventure, a lot of times I play with my friends online. It’s really fun to communicate while playing the game. I also like to draw pictures and use software like Game Maker 8. At home I also use a program called Unity where you can design, create and program your own game. I think college is really different from school because in school you have to be in class and study every subject but in college you can do what you want. You can go outside in lunch breaks, and the course you choose helps you get into university or a job. I realise you have to be independent in college because it is for your future and you have to do the work yourself to get better marks.


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