Hello, my name is Adil. I will be writing an update to you every so often about my life at college in England. I live in Birmingham and study at Halesowen College. I am studying a Level 3 BTEC in Software and Game Development. My favourite unit is the game development unit as I have a passion for playing games and want to be able to make games. Continue reading “083242”




Hello my name is Tanzil, I am 16 years old from Birmingham. I am part of a family of five, I have a brother and a sister. I do GCSE resit English and Level 3 IT Software and Games Development. I chose this course so that I can become a programmer and code my own version of Facebook and become successful.

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Hey, I’m Calvin. I am studying Computer Science with Game and Software Development at Halesowen College. Going to college has been interesting so far; I’ve made friends, the teachers seem nice, and there are lots of people. I prefer the hardware side of computing because I find the practical element more interesting. Continue reading “081067”



Hello, my name is Jack. I am studying IT software and games development. I chose this course because I want to be a games developer when I am older and I am hoping to go to university after my two years at college. My favourite unit of the course is the computer games design because it is what I am most interested in. When I finish college I want to go to university and study computer games development. Continue reading “078749”



Hello my name Mo, I am 17 years old and I go to Halesowen College. I study Level 3 IT and the reason I chose this course because in the future I would like to go to university and study computer science. I enjoy programming and my goal is to make one programming language that has aspects of all the other languages so you would just need to use one for everything. Continue reading “054344”



Hi I’m Adam. I’m currently studying a BTEC in IT and Game Design at Halesowen College. Before this I studied A level Computer Science, Maths and Geography but I didn’t do well in my exams as I struggle with answering all the questions in the time given so doing a BTEC course which is mostly coursework will probably be better for me. After this course I would like to go to university and get a job in computer software development.

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Hello my name is Ash, I am 18 years old and go to Halesowen College. I live with my parents and one older sister.

I am studying a level 3 software and design extended diploma. I really enjoy this course and I want to have a future in the IT industry. I have previously studied level 2 technical where I learnt about computer hardware and parts of a computer.

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